Company Profile – CET Group Co. Ltd.

CET Group Co., Ltd (CET Group) is a diversified Enterprise founded in Beijing, China, in 1996 under the name of "China Eternal Copiers Technology Co., Ltd." In 2016, CET Group had restructured our global management strategy and renamed as “CET Group Co., Ltd.” with registered paid-up capital 200 million RMB.

During 24 years of journey and counting, CET Group continually persists in the development and manufacture of CET's brand universal spare parts and consumables. It becomes one of the influencer brands in the Office Automation industry worldwide.

CET products include fusers, drum units, toner, upper and lower fuser rollers, cleaning blades, and other accessories. over 6,000 types in all. Since 2003, CET has successfully opened five domestic branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, and Chengdu, covering most of the local Chinese market. CET Group's first overseas branch founded in 2006 in the USA, and now, there are a total of 7 overseas Branches in the USA, Singapore, Russia, Spain, Brazil, and Dubai distributing CET products to more than 150 countries in global regions. In 2019, to better meet the needs of our global business development and manufacturing, a new Industrial base and technical centre covering an area of over 90,000 square meters have already come into operation in Cao Feidian, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. This base will help us to achieve our goals of production, research development, testing, and logistics. CET products directly ships from Tianjin Port and Cao Feidian International Terminal to worldwide countries, which significantly benefits our clients due to supply-chain efficiency and cost saving.

In the future, with a new start, CET Group will continue to insist on the development strategy of "Continual Improvement, Constant Innovation". Taking market demand as the core and product innovation as guidance, CET will continue challenging new technologies and developing excellent products for the global market. CET Group will unceasingly create immeasurable value for our customers.

Company Profile – Imaging the World Pte Ltd

Imaging the World Pte. Ltd incorporated in Singapore since 2015. As a regional branch of CET Group, it provides a comprehensive range of CET compatible parts to Southeast Asian and worldwide customers. It has more than 5,000 kinds of products, including copier toners, upper and lower fuser rollers, cleaning blades, fuser films, drum assemblies, laser printer fusers, and parts. With CET's abundant experiences, dedicated Research & Development facilities and testing centres, and extensive resources in the OA industry, Imaging the World is fully equipped and prepared to face any market challenges.

The company's commitment is to build strong relationships with its clients through the delivery of high-quality products with professional, efficient, and courteous services.

Product Line

During the past 24 years, CET has fitted its way into a unique path of innovation and playing a leading role in Office Automation (OA) industry and technological innovation. Every year without fail, CET upgrades industrial standards for the copier and printer compatible parts and continues manufacturing the compatible products that level field with OEM performance standards. At the same time, we challenge ourselves to continually innovating and coming up with new technology, products, and service components, that sometimes can remedy the defects of OEM products and surpass them in terms of products’ lifetime.

We have successfully filed patent applications for many CET manufacturing parts and Brand trademark registrations in most of the countries. With substantial CET brand spare parts production and assembly business, CET brand is taking the lead role in the global compatible market for Copiers and Printers,

For more product information, please visit the CET Catalogue.